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Title:Combined Programs
Date of publishing:February 06, 2011
Category:Other content
Also available in the following languages:Spanish

Combined Programs

From Giant Wings up to the Sacred Town - 11 days program

Through this program enjoy the natural and cultural wonders of Peru, from the arid Peruvian coast crossbreeding cradle of Peru, travel inside The Colca canyon the second deepest in the world, in Arequipa, to delectate with a natural spectacle of seeing the biggest flying bird in their domains, the Andean Condor, to head thereafter the heart of America, Cusco, the cradle of Andean Culture, finally arrive at the summit of the sacred and magic city of Machu Picchu uncorrupted by Spanish conquerors hands,  follow the Incas footsteps hiking the Royal Inca Trail.

Searching the Myth's Origins - 13 days program

We will cover the domains of the noble origin in Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machupicchu, Raqchi up to the origin of myth in Puno, where we will connect by boat different islands, the home of native peoples of the lake, the Urus and the Taquiles. 

On the route of the Andean Gods - 13 days program

We will start in Peru´s capital, Lima, followed by the Sacred Valley in Cusco region looking for The magical city of Machupicchu and then lick this experience with some of the most fascinating highlights of Bolivia, including the sustainable project at the Uros Floating Island on Sacred Lake Titicaca, Sun Island, legendary birthplace of the Inkas, and travel to Tiahuanaco, the capital of an early pre-Inca civilization. Finally, La Paz, the highest capital city in the world.   

From mysterious sand "drawings" to The mystical Foggy City - 10 days program

A breathtaking journey through the Andean culture from arid desert of Nazca,where Pre-Inca inhabitants left cultural testimonies through the mysterious linesdrawn on the desert soil potentially to be seen only from the air, we will connect these enigmatical lines with the no less magical and misthycal city of Machu Picchu following Inca footsteps hiking the Royal Inca Trail which awaits for us with its beauty through the haze of the cloud forest to fill our mind with all the feeling and grandeur of the Andean culture.